Zeroing In
Celebrating wonders of the universe,
curiosity and thought, ideas and imagination,
entwined by ultimate human insight, agency of enquiry,
and love for the arts of science, technology and research.

We are
India's first-ever
science podcast

Why are we here?

We are here to celebrate the mysteries of our cosmic existence through the minds and words of the explorers—who have dared to venture deep into the farthest corners, and the adventurers—who are yet to set out their voyage with a billion dreams. To create a tapestry of scientific ideas brought together through art, media, and conversations and ignite a spark for all endeavours that stem from the sense of wonder!

What do we do?


Zeroing In is a registered not-for-profit organisation, working towards science communication and outreach -
we curate candid conversations with eminent Indian scholars and learners about their field of work, research projects, life in academia, labours of love, and their journeys into uncharted territories; on experiences amalgamated by singular insights.


We work with an open vision to create a multi-faceted platform for merging ideas from science, art, literature, technology, history, music, and more into curating an eagle-eyed view of our understanding of the universe - keeping in the broader picture of the developing scenario by building a community inculcating the disciplines of STE(A)M - by democratising the fields through conversations!


We are bringing together a community of storytellers, weaving the ideas of science, its history, its people and the motivations behind it into a single tapestry. Collecting chronicles of scientific explorers and creating oral histories of life stories and experiences brought together from a wide array of fields of research and technology.


We are here to ask questions - about everything and anything out there! To bring together curiosities and wonders under the same hood as we try to decode and unravel the how’s and why’s of the universe, humanity, and all in-betweens that bind us to the very nature of being.

Fresh favorite

Fresh favorite

Women In Science

Zeroing In brings to you a series of beautiful conversations with some of the pioneering women researchers from varied fields of STE(A)M, touching upon the essential elements from the life of a researcher, and on the challenges brought in owing to the social and cultural contexts of the Indian subcontinent in the flourishing fields of S&T. Are we flourishing and making space for a gender-equal world, as responsibly as we should in the twenty-first century?

Featured episode

Featured episode

If one has a drive to venture into the world of Atomic Clocks or any field in general…. my advise would be to focus on the basics and principles, be it mechanical engineering, electronics, science or anything for that matter… strengthen that. And when you want to make a shift to that field… all the basics and fundamentals will surely come into play. Therefore, whatever one embarks into, the drive should be, “ How can I contribute? ”, and that drive is what makes you cherish what you do.

From conversation on
May 20, 2023

Who are we?

Our teams consists of students, full-time scientists and researchers, artists, writers, illustrators, and we are all here for our passion for science!

Where are we?

All our content is accessible to all and entirely cost-free. You can find us on all your favorite podcast streaming platforms. Zeroing In is a completely non-profit based community venture and works to democratize the fields of STEAM by conversations and outreach.



Flip through our collection of featured episodes, intricate and amusing comics or dive into Inklings, where we attempt to un-complicate science!

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